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Dr. Steven Goldstein Healthcare Pricing Up Front 

From Steel on Steel News Radio with John Loefler.

Dr. Steven Goldstein: Healthcare Pricing Up Front

From KMJQ-FM Houston

Dr. Steven Goldstein joins us to talk about reforming the healthcare system. Houston Healthcare Initiative is a group of physicians and health-conscious patients that have joined together in a Healthcare cooperative to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of each member of the group.

The Public Affairs Podcast Ep. 49 – Ilyasah Shabazz & Dr. Steven Goldstein of Houston Healthcare Initiative

Vaccine Trials and Liability Waivers Television Appearance


Dr. Steven Goldstein of the Houston Healthcare Initiative was part of this important television news story, ‘Child COVID-19 vaccine trials to begin this week,’ from WFTV-TV

WFTV-TV is the ABC affiliate in Orlando, FL. “When a vaccine is approved and available by, at the earliest, the end of the year, companies cannot be held liable for any unexpected complications. ‘Now, if there are expected complications, and the company hid that information, like they knew about something that it would happen, and they don’t tell people about it, you can still sue for that,’ said Dr. Steven Goldstein of the Houston Healthcare Initiative.

A recent Gallup Poll found people are split right down the middle when asked if they’d take a vaccine, down from the 66% of people who were willing to take it three months ago.

To see the entire story please visit: ‘Child COVID-19 vaccine trials to begin this week,’ from WFTV-TV.  

How Will Healthcare Change After Coronavirus Covid-19

From: Healthcare Facilities Today–24526

Houston-Based Neurologist Explains Hospital Bills

From: Halldale

Complications & consequences of undiagnosed & untreated obesity

Is Medical Bankruptcy An Option Americans Should Consider?

How ‘surprise costs’ can undermine an otherwise sound financial plan

¿Cómo podría cambiar la atención médica después del coronavirus? un especialista nos da su opinión

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Press and Media Coverage of the Houston Healthcare Initiative and Dr. Steven Goldstein.