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    1. Obtain a personal physician that works in hospital as well as in the office that will be your advocate if you become sick or injured.
    2. Lead a healthy lifestyle
    3. Do not focus solely on yourself; find ways to help others. Do this to combat loneliness and depression.
    4. Create your own HSA; pay cash for routine expenses.
    5. Purchase individual insurance with as high a deductible as possible to pay for catastrophic costs. (If you cannot find such a policy at a price that you can afford, drop out of the insurance system completely, fund the HSA). A healthcare cooperative is an alternative to high deductible insurance.
    6. Negotiate a Hospital bill after the fact. For information on how to negotiate visit Search “How to negotiate hospital bills”.
    7. Shop the price of elective procedures. Do not limit your search to your local area. Search the entire USA and the world. You can use the prices found to negotiate a lower price with a local provider.

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