Healthcare by the Numbers

Where Does the Money Go When Paying for Healthcare; Prices, Costs, and Value…

Healthcare by the Numbers

March 23, 2021 – On the latest edition of the Houston Healthcare Initiative podcast, Houston based neurologist and the founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Dr. Steven Goldstein, describes the numbers and dollars associated with health insurance and hospitalization costs. This to inform us all where the money that individuals and employers contribute goes and who really profits most.

Dr. Seven Franklin
Where does your money go when paying for health insurance?

The answers are surprising when it comes to cost, price, and the ultimate value those with health insurance derive from the premiums they and their employers all pay. Ultimately, did the public purchase more benefits or receive a better value as a result of what they were charged? “There is nothing wrong with making a profit, but most people will want to know what they bought and was it worth it,” Dr. Goldstein told his listeners.

Additionally, Dr. Goldstein describes the profits hospitals and health insurance companies accrue, what percentage of their payments actually go to help pay for their healthcare and how much the insurance companies keep. All this to help the public decide if this money was well spent or if it could be better managed.

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The Houston Healthcare Initiative podcast with Dr. Steven Goldstein is an information vehicle for people who want to know all medical options for themselves and are interested in reforming the healthcare industry. To learn more about the Houston Healthcare Initiative please visit