Healthcare consulting

Announcing a new Healthcare Consulting FREE SERVICE offered by the Houston Healthcare Initiative for companies providing health insurance to their employees.

Healthcare consulting


What we will do


Allow the company to explain what are the specific problems they face with the health of their employees and how they are currently addressing them.


What are the details of the current healthcare plan? What data are available concerning current costs and how are these costs broken down. What data are available concerning the health of the employees.


Use the available data to develop a plan to both improve employee health and lower healthcare cost. We do this from a physician’s perspective.


Steps to accomplish the dual goals of improving employee health and lowering healthcare costs. These steps can be implemented at no cost to the company!


Provide education to employees on how to shop for healthcare services and what they can do to improve their health

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Most recommendations will include
1.Financial incentives to improve both physical and mental fitness. These incentives could include lowering of employee’s monthly premiums for insurance; sharing the savings on healthcare expenses with employees; employee recognition for improvement in health e.g. awards for weight loss
2.Annual physical exam to identify disease at an early stage, collect data on employee health and use the data to develop the financial incentives for employees to improve their health. Use the data to develop other strategies to improve the overall health of the employee population.