Follow-Up To Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus/Covid19 Patients Benefit From Telemedicine Appointments

Follow-Up To Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus/Covid19 Patients Benefit From Telemedicine Appointments

March 19, 2020 — Until a couple of weeks ago, the use of telemedicine was mostly for convenience. Now, it is a necessity as people work to keep their collective distances from each other. As announced previously, Houston neurologist Dr. Steven Goldstein will offer his diagnostic and medical skills via virtual or ‘telemedicine’ appointments for both new and existing patients.  “As long as Houstonians are suffering from the effects of the pandemic, I will waive copayments for those who have health insurance and significantly lower fees for those without insurance,” Dr. Goldstein said. With so many working hard to prevent the increase of the virus, using an existing technology without sacrificing access to himself or staff is a beneficial service.

Looser Rules Benefit Houstonians

On Friday March 13, 2020, when Gov. Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency, he made it possible for state agencies to use telemedicine. The Texas Medical Board also allowed for the medical community to use telemedicine, including the use of phone only, to see patients.

There are many benefits as so many people are staying away from public spaces during the Coronavirus/Covid19 outbreak. Here are a few of those advantages:

  • With telehealth services, patients avoid unnecessary office or hospital visits, hopefully lowering their risk for contracting or spreading Coronavirus/Covid19.
  • Through an emergency declaration under the Stafford Act and the National Emergencies Act, Medicare coverage will now include three types of virtual services: Medicare telehealth visits, virtual check-ins, and e-visits.
  • Virtual check-ins allow Medicare beneficiaries to communicate from their home with a provider.
  • Those who must rely on public transportation will not have to venture outside their homes to come in contact with other people and surfaces where the virus can remain for some time.

Medical Specialties

All of the medical news is about the spread or containment of Coronavirus/Covid19. But people will still need to be seen by specialists, including neurologists like Dr. Goldstein. For those with symptoms that suggest a neurologist, Dr. Goldstein is available. Some symptoms include:

  • severe headaches,
  • seizures,
  • numbness,
  • weakness,
  • double vision,
  • dizziness,
  • passing out,
  • tingling,
  • trouble with movement,
  • memory challenges or confusion,
  • and trouble sleeping.

How To Be Seen

To be seen by Dr. Goldstein via ‘telemedicine’ call his office and make an appointment, just like always;  give the patients’ email address and then go to the App Store and download Zoom Cloud Meeting. Zoom is free. Dr. Goldstein will email a link to the patient to use during the time of the appointment. Dr. Goldstein can diagnose, order tests, and prescribe medication via the Zoom link. To make an appointment call (713) 451-5421, or (281) 481-4236.

Zoom App Information

Zoom is available for Apple, Google Play and Windows. For all the ways to download and use Zoom go to their download page here:

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