Top 5 Common Health Myths Debunked

No myth that water is good for you so drink plenty. Drink plenty of water to stay healthy,

Top 5 Common Health Myths Debunked

We are all seeking ways to improve our health conditions to live longer and better. For this reason, many myths surrounding health matters have risen. Some of these myths have been passed from generation to generation with no scientific backing whatsoever. Today we look at the top 5 common health myths with the view to debunk them.

Consume Eight Glasses of Water Daily

While it is vital to take lots of water daily, there is no scientific backing that says it should be strictly eight glasses. Everybody has varying fluid needs, and as such, you need to consume just enough as per your needs. Many factors will dictate your frequency of water intake. These include the levels of activity, gender, weather, humidity, and body size.

Cracking of Fingers Causes Arthritis

The cracking of fingers is a habit by most people, if not all. This habit does not correlate whatsoever with arthritis,

No myth that water is good for you so drink plenty.
No myth that water is good for you so drink plenty. Drink plenty of water to stay healthy,

according to scientific studies. Arthritis

Comes about when joint cartilages break and the bones to rub together.

Going Out in Cold Weather Brings about Cold

It is a common phrase from mother’s warning the children not to go out in the cold weather or with wet apparels with the fear of catching a cold. Colds originate from viruses. Despite the weather condition, viruses will always spread.

Sugar Causes Hyperactivity in Children

You will hear from parents that when their children take sugar, their behavior changes and they become hyperactive. The truth is a hyperactive kid will always remain to be hyperactive with or without sugar. Science has shown that sugar never encourages hyperactive reactions in children. It is just a myth that people have.

Natural Foodstuffs Are the Best

A lot of natural things are indeed healthy, but not all of them. Some foods with organic ingredients contain empty calories, saturated fat, and sugar. Describing something as natural does not always mean it’s a healthy choice.

Now you know the truth. Do not be entangled with the above myths anymore. Contact us for more great information about healthcare.