Sleep More To Lose Weight: The Importance of Sleep

No one believes that they can train themselves to not drink water, or drink significantly less than they should for any length of time. Why then do we think that sleep is somehow optional? We’ve read and heard about people who insisted they could train themselves to go without as much sleep as was always recommended. Best-selling author Tim Ferris, who wrote ‘The Four-Hour Work Week’ and ‘The Four Hour Body said the secret to sleep was not the amount but the quality of sleep that mattered. Sleep and consistent quality sleep is incredibly important. Sleep can even aid weight loss. But If anyone read the headline, ‘sleep more to lose weight’, they’d dismiss it because it’s counter-intuitive to say the least. Doesn’t more motion and activity burn calories?

Here with the real answers is respected Houston based neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative CO-OP is Dr. Steven Goldstein.