Deer Park, Texas Healthcare Pricing

Healthcare in Deer Park, TexasDeer Park, Texas Healthcare Pricing

The Houston Healthcare Initiative (HHI) was founded by Dr. Steven Goldstein. Like many Americans, Dr. Goldstein is concerned about the state of the U.S. healthcare system as well as the sorry state of the public’s health. The Houston Healthcare Initiative Web Site is an aggregator of news, information, tools and targets for those who want to help drive reform for the healthcare industry. HHI’s emphasis for reform is on free market innovation and personal responsibility. Examples of and links to medical services that operate on a cash basis at prices that are less than what providers charge health insurance companies are also available here. Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about Deer Park, Texas healthcare pricing!

Deer Park Doctor Pricing

Healthcare costs continue to increase in the United States, outpacing both average wages and inflation. This means that patients must spend a higher percentage of their income to receive the same medical care they received 20 years ago. Hospitals and doctors create networks which limit choice and competition. Pricing is not transparent or easily available to patients, and can vary widely for the same service with different providers. Additionally, the healthcare system is not incentivized to treat the root causes of many common health issues like diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Houston Healthcare Initiative seeks rational, patient-driven healthcare reform, like the elimination of surprise billing by doctors providing hospital services and requiring all health establishments to post the cash prices of their services.

Transparent Healthcare Pricing

Many patients are not aware that the prices of the medical services they use can vary from place to place. Patients have the option to “shop around” to find the best prices. If you have high deductible health insurance or cannot afford traditional insurance, it pays to compare prices at multiple locations or with different providers. Many healthcare providers offer discounts to self-pay patients that result in lower prices than those negotiated with insurance networks. 

Alternatives to High Cost Health Insurance in Deer Park, TX

For many people, the most cost-effective way to receive and pay for healthcare services may not be traditional health insurance. High premiums and deductibles mean patients often pay more for healthcare than they would if paying the cash price. However, the idea of “going it alone” can be frightening. Healthcare Cooperatives like Houston Healthcare Initiative may be the solution. A healthcare co-op is a company that is owned by the people who participate in it by paying a portion. This portion is usually far less than a typical insurance premium. Members combine their resources to help each other pay for medical services that would otherwise be unaffordable for an individual. Healthcare co-ops are legal and are included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or “Obamacare”). Co-ops offer more affordable options for the self-employed, those who took early retirement, and those who find traditional insurance simply too expensive.

Take Control of Your Healthcare Costs Today!

Share your story and learn what you can do right now. Educate yourself about your options, shop around for services, and make healthy lifestyle choices that reduce the  healthcare you need for affordable Deer Park, Texas healthcare pricing.


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