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Unexpected Emergency Room Bills Add To Patient Ills

Patients may go to the hospital designated as in network by their insurance, but the doctors who treat them may not be part of that network. This is one of the main reasons for big bills even among those who have health insurance. Patients rarely have any say about who treats them, especially in the case of accidents where they are incapacitated. This is the message that Dr. Steven Goldstein has for podcast listeners this week. The Houston Healthcare Initiative CO-OP podcast can be heard on Soundcloud,Google Play, and iTunes. The podcast and much more information is available from the Houston Healthcare Initiative CO-OP website:

Emergency Room Surprises Podcast

Who Decides the Price of Prescription Drugs?

Your prescription medicine is not any less expensive than before, in fact it is likely more expensive today than it was a year ago. But why? Is it supply and demand on account of more Americans growing sicker or is it something far less obvious? To help us with the answer is Houston based neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative CO-OP Dr. Steven Goldstein.

Pop Quiz Why Prescription Drugs Are So Expensive

Pop quiz: Do pharmaceutical companies spend more on research or advertising? The answer may surprise you as the price of prescription medicine goes ever higher. These price increases cause many patients to forgo medication, putting millions of lives at risk. For example, insulin, which is needed by Type 1 diabetics for survival, has nearly quadrupled in price. The price of Lantus, a brand-name insulin that’s a mainstay of treatment as a long-acting drug that helps diabetics stay under good control, saw a 54 percent price increase in 2014 even though it’s been on the market for decades. The simple question is why? Houston Healthcare Inititiative CO-OP founder and respected neurologist, Dr. Steven Goldstein takes the quiz and teaches the rest of us that a lot of what we thought about drug companies and the prices set by them are just wrong. Learn more at

Sleep More To Lose Weight: The Importance of Sleep

No one believes that they can train themselves to not drink water, or drink significantly less than they should for any length of time. Why then do we think that sleep is somehow optional? We’ve read and heard about people who insisted they could train themselves to go without as much sleep as was always recommended. Best-selling author Tim Ferris, who wrote ‘The Four-Hour Work Week’ and ‘The Four Hour Body said the secret to sleep was not the amount but the quality of sleep that mattered. Sleep and consistent quality sleep is incredibly important. Sleep can even aid weight loss. But If anyone read the headline, ‘sleep more to lose weight’, they’d dismiss it because it’s counter-intuitive to say the least. Doesn’t more motion and activity burn calories? Here with the real answers is respected Houston based neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative CO-OP is Dr. Steven Goldstein.

Three Summertime Ailments

Summer comes early here in the Houston Area. And with each summer comes several common and avoidable illnesses that can ruin a vacation, a long weekend or any type of summer fun. Here with a strategy for avoiding or if not avoiding treating some of the more common hot weather hazards is well known and respected Houston based neurologist and the founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative CO-OP, Dr. Steven Goldstein.

Is it Allergies, Cold or the Flu?

While the symptoms of these three are often similar each differs in cause, duration, complications, and most importantly treatment. Dr. Steven Goldstein, respected Houston neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative CO-OP helps everyone listening know the differences and what to do about each.

Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op Offering Low Priced Access

The Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op will offer a medical exam, the doctor’s hotline and access to its special pricing arrangements from medical testing and pharmaceutical companies to those who are interested for $45.00. Dr. Steven Goldstein has said that the reason for starting the co-op was to improve the well-being of his fellow Houstonians. This offer is proof that he and the other members of the health co-op are serious about their commitment to improving health. Dr. Goldstein talks about the details of this offer in this week’s podcast. Click below to listen.

What Luke Perry’s Death Can Teach The Rest Of Us

Actor Luke Perry passed away last week following what his publicist described as a ‘massive’ stroke. Perry was 52 years old. His death leaves people at or close to his age wondering if this could happen to them. We have absolutely the perfect person to talk with about this, neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative, Dr. Steven Goldstein. To learn more visit

How Insurance Companies Medical Providers and Drug Companies Game the System

For those feeling beat up, picked on, and maybe even a bit bullied by their doctor, hospital and health insurance company there is probably good reason to believe that way. Doctors and hospitals are charging more for services and insurance companies are denying more claims.  Patients need both their health care providers and insurers, but as respected neurologist and Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op ( founder Dr. Steven Goldstein tells his podcast audience, this is not a normal ‘business-customer’ relationship.  The Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op podcast can be heard on Soundcloud,iTunesand the web site at

Opioids and Pain Killers Can Make Back Conditions Worse

Dr. Steven Goldstein told listeners to his weekly podcast that not only were opioid pain killers not the best option for treating back pain but that they could make the situation worse. Dr. Goldstein is a well-known neurologist and the founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Podcast. The podcast can be heard on iTunes, Soundcloud and at

Eliminate Managed Care; One Way to Solve the Opioid Crisis

The policy of some insurance companies to limit or refuse coverage for opioid based pain killers effects millions. While drug abuse of any type is terrible and to be avoided, opioid based pain treatments are important for millions who suffer from chronic pain. Here to help us sort this out is well known Houston based neurologist and founder of the Houston Health Initiative, Dr. Steven Goldstein.

Is Recovering from a Stroke is Easier than Losing Weight?

Houston based neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative ( Dr. Steven Goldstein talked about the risk of strokes and their relationship to weight and obesity on his weekly podcast. While the outcomes from strokes are always bad, Dr. Goldstein allowed that from a pure psychological point of view, losing weight was more difficult than recovering from a stroke. “Assuming the patient survives and has the ability to rehabilitate him or herself, there is a lot of motivation for them to do the things that will lead to recovery,” Dr. Goldstein told his audience.

Losing weight means changes in lifestyle, adding exercise, eliminating things that we all like to eat and drink in a process that takes a lot of sacrifice. So it is very hard to maintain this type of change over any amount of time. While motivation for losing weight is psychologically challenging, but on the whole it is better to lose weight than endure a stroke.

Snoring Obesity and Health Risks

People who snore are more at risk cardio pulmonary disease, high blood pressure, stroke and poor mental health linked to lack of quality sleep. Dr. Steven Goldstein, Houston based neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op describes what to do about all of this and even has a good way to help pay for it all. Visit the web site at to learn more.

The Many Consequences of Obesity and What to do About It

On the Houston Healthcare Initiative podcast, the facts and consequences of obesity. Obesity will affect mental and physical health, increase the odds of mortality in all cause related disease and raise the price of traditional health insurance.  Learn how to overcome obesity and earn financial rewards by calling  346-400-2789

Your High Blood Pressure Will Kill You

Over the past few weeks Dr. Steven Goldstein, a respected neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative co-op, talked about the benefit of early diagnosis of certain conditions that are possible when co-op members receive their free medical exam. One in particular is high blood pressure. This week we will discuss specifically one of these conditions that is possible to treat successfully with early detection. High blood pressure. Learn more at

Achieve Your 2019 Health & Money Saving Goals Now

It’s the start of a new year and everyone gets a new start resolving to do things better or differently than they did before. The most popular of these resolutions every year involve health in some way and saving money. People determine to lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more often and fritter away less money every January and most get off to a good start. Just try getting into your local health club during the month of January this or any year. But as the weeks go by, eagerness for those health and fitness resolutions is replaced by apathy. Of course, healthcare is an everyday concern for Dr. Steven Goldstein who is a respected Houston based Neurologist and the founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-op. Click here to listen.

Did the Recent Court Ruling on the Affordable Care Act Really Change Anything?

The Affordable Care Act or Obama Care has been in the news a lot lately because of a court ruling that declared it unconstitutional. This happening the day right before the deadline for signing up for next year’s coverage. Of course, we are not lawyers here and cannot comment on the “legal-eze” but one thing that Dr. Steven Goldstein can comment on is the cost to businesses and people that this and other government regulation generates for all of us. He is a respected Houston Neurologist and the founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op.

What Is Prior Authorization & What To Do About It

Prior approval is a way that insurance companies decide on how or whether a prescribed medical service, medication, test or procedure meets their coverage criteria. What can people do? Listen to find out.

What If I Do Not Have Health Insurance?

What happens if someone does not have health insurance? The ramifications will affect the tax filings of people this year but be different next year. Beyond the financial implications, there are others for patients and their loved ones. Here to help us learn what to do and why is Houston based neurologist and the founder of the Houston Health Initiative Dr. Steven Goldstein. You can learn more about The Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op at their web site,

An overview of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op. 

Complexities of Health Coverage

Healthcare and what causes rates for services and insurance to go up at a startling rate are complicated. What is not that complex is the need for an affordable way to pay for most medical and doctor related expenses. That is what the Houston Healthcare Initiative (HHI) is offering in the form of a member owned co-op. The HHI initiative can replace traditional health insurance for qualified individuals and families. HHI will provide affordable medical coverage through a combination of negotiated rates, low monthly payments, personal accountability and lifestyle incentives. The medical co-op promises to save qualifying individuals and families money on health insurance. At the same time, HHI will help uphold quality care by asking members to bear some responsibility and individual accountability for maintaining their personal health.

Changing Insurance Providers & Managing Change

Medical and health coverage is often a complex proposition for people whether they are thinking of changing providers or getting one for the first time. HHI has a free brochure and lots of other free information about the coverage available from the web site at: Or call them at 346-400-2789 and talk with them in real time.

Unintended Consequences of Not Purchasing Insurance

Remember President Obama’s promise to lower health care rates? Experts now say health insurance will be crazy expensive again in 2019. The Heritage Foundation’s Doug Badger says Obamacare was supposed to get lots of young subscribers to sign up and help subsidize the older among us, but that didn’t happen. Young people found that in many cases paying the penalty was still less expensive than insurance. Consider too that millennials tend to marry and start families later in life than those who came before them, so the perceived need for insurance is not as obvious to them as it is for people who have more responsibility. Here to help us make sense of it all is Dr. Steven Goldstein, a much-respected neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative.

Fines for not purchasing insurance under ‘Obamacare’ were supposed to cause more people buy insurance and lower the cost, but neither happened. Dr. Steven Goldstein, respected Houston neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative ( discussed the ramifications of the cancellation of financial penalties associated with ‘Obamacare’ among other things, on his weekly podcast. To hear the podcast go to

As the Trump administration has cancelled the fines assessed for not purchasing health insurance that were mandated by President Obama, the impact of the removal of these government-imposed purchases did nothing to lower the price of insurance or make the American public healthier. The positive effect of Obamacare on the price of insurance was what was promised, though little happened to make charges for insurance more affordable.

Time To Renew Your Health Insurance

It is the time of year for all of us to renew our existing health insurance or pick a provider. Open enrollment for the individual health insurance market starts November 1 and lasts through December 15, 2018. The sign-up time and role of the government in our health care begs the question; is access to healthcare a right or is it a privilege or something else? Should we also have the right to not purchase insurance? To help us sort through this we need someone well versed in medicine and health coverage and we find both in the founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative (HHI) Dr. Steven Goldstein.

Managing Prescription Medicine Costs

Prescription medicine is expensive, and in some cases unaffordable. The reasons for the high costs of some medicine are talked about by patients, physicians and politicians. But the reasons for high costs matter less than the reality that there are people who could get their medicine for a lot less money if they knew just a few things about how drugs are sourced and priced.  Here today to help us crack this code and hack drug prices is respected Houston based neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op Dr. Steven Goldstein.

Most people have read or heard about how high the price of prescription medicine is here in the U.S. and how relatively inexpensive it is in other countries, especially Canada. What do the Canadians know? According to Dr. Goldstein, prices for drugs in Canada are set by a special review board that compares prices of medicine in Europeto then decide what to charge.  “Here in the U.S. Medicaid does not negotiate prices with the pharmaceutical companies and consequently the prices are higher,” Dr. Goldstein told his listeners.

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