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Every month $100 of your payment is distributed to your personal health saving account. This money is immediately available to you to pay routine medical bills.

The remainder of the payment is kept in reserve in a trust to pay the larger bills.  Any money remaining in your health savings account at the end of the year belongs to you and not Houston Healthcare Initiative. It will accumulate with interest until such time as it is used.

Monies in the trust belong to Houston Healthcare Initiative.

If excess funds accumulate in the trust, they will be kept in individual subscriber savings accounts and will be used to lower monthly payments or will be distributed to members in cash as decided by the Board of Trustees.

If funds are depleted in the trust, we may need to ask for additional monthly payments from our members.

We rely on our members to try to maintain health so that funds will be available in a time of need.

When you visit a physician, you will be using your debit card from your health savings account or paying cash. Consequently, you should shop in advance to find a family physician who delivers the best value in terms of convenience, service, quality and price.

You can negotiate! You can share information about physicians on our website or consult the free doctor hotline for advice.

Prices for lab tests, imaging, and procedures are also on our website. You are free to shop as well and share what you learn.

If you need to visit a hospital or Emergency Room, show your membership card from the Houston Healthcare Initiative. Information on the card will direct the hospital to send the bills to us. Once we receive the bill, we will determine eligibility for payment and apply discounts.

Money will be transferred from our trust fund to your health savings account so that you may pay the bill.

How Do I Know The Trust Fund Is Secure?

Funds will be kept in a trust account at the bank or transferred directly to members Health savings accounts. Administrative expenses are initially set at $30/month; $55/ month and $80/month depending on the plan chosen. The Board of Trustees and an independent accountant will audit the fund and the monthly bank statement will appear on our website for all to see.

How We Maintain Health

  • Free annual physical exam to find disease at an early stage.
  • Free Doctor Hotline
  • Monitor chronic disease to be sure treatment is effective
  • Financial rewards for compliance with treatment

How A Healthcare Cooperative Can Deliver Lower Costs

  1. Encourages members to shop prices for lab tests, imaging tests and procedures and share the results with the group
  2. Shares price information with other healthcare cooperatives
  3. Negotiates with hospitals for inpatient services
  4. Uses Free Doctor Hotline to treat acute illness initially and avoid unnecessary ER visits
  5. Uses Free Doctor Hotline while in ER to advise when hospitalization is needed
  6. Uses Free Doctor Hotline to monitor treatment in hospital to avoid unnecessary consultations, imaging studies and extra hospital days
  7. Lowers drug costs by buying some common drugs in bulk and providing free to members
  8. Uses discount plans such as Goodrx

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