The Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op began for one reason and that was to improve health, lower healthcare costs and provide access to doctors, medicine and treatment. There is a myth promulgated by the insurance companies that you can’t get access to healthcare if you do not have insurance. This is just not true. To demonstrate, The Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op is offering patients a 3 month trial at $15.00 per month or $45.00 for a 3-month membership.

Starting Monday April 1, 2019, The Houston Healthcare Initiative Co-Op is offering a $45.00 three-month trial membership with many of the same features as full membership. These are:

  • Complete physical examination.
  • The Doctor’s Hotline.
  • Discounted Price List of doctors, prescription drugs and medical tests usually available only to doctors.

The physical exam is really a complete wellness check. The exam includes all of the information we gather for those who sign up for the full co-op coverage. This is an important first step allowing people to take command of their own health, well-being and be able to better manage any costs associated with illness.

The doctor’s hotline will help to cut down on the expense of trips to the clinic or emergency room as the doctors on the phone are able to diagnose and recommend treatments right over the phone.

The cash price for prescription medicine and medical diagnostic tests is far less than those negotiated by the insurance companies. To make it easier for people to find those prices, our $15.00 a month members can also have access to our price lists for prescription medicines, medical testing, and where and how to find these. The price list is the ‘holy grail’ of information on what the real costs of medicine are or should be.